Tech-Freelancing: An increasingly popular and viable option

Freelance workers enjoy the freedom to choose their clients and control the way they use their time.

Starting the morning with working on a website desig and finishing up the day redesignig a website for a non-profit organization that will bring them more donations sound like a rewarding day for any tech professional.

Especially in the present scenario where one can work from home or the favourite coffee shop.

Being able to work on the projects that makes one excited about it is really like a dream come true. And it is a dream that tons of people are following as freelancers. Most professionals who are freelancers, do so either due to flexibility or just to earn some extra money on the side of their regular job. The workforce is becoming more diverse and demanding more flexibility. As a result, a large portion of the workforce is turning to freelancing.

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Freelance career as a Website developer, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Communication skills, negotiation,industry knowledge, marketing, graphic design, creativity, project management, nevertheless empathy.

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