What is the difference between freelance and self employed?

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who isn’t particularly committed to a single client. Bue most importantly, a freelancer iaa an entrepreneur who operates a freelance business. The idea itself that freelancing is a business creates a whole lot of difference. Differences between freelancing and self-employment: Freelancers frequently work alone compared to self-employed professionals. ProfessionalsContinue reading “What is the difference between freelance and self employed?”

What is a freelance developer?

I as a Freelance web developer does web developers are self-employed professional coders who create websites for several clients and get paid for each project. Since I don’t work for an employer, for me get to set own price, choose which client to work with, moreover work on as many projects as me want.

A live Website on the Internet

This is example of Website I created using Github.com: dianthedainty Update contact.html … 171eda6on Feb 25 Git stats  83 commits Files Type Name Latest commit message Commit time .github/workflow Delete basic.yml2 months ago kadiro-travel-agency-llc LICENSE3 months ago .gitignore Initial commit4 months ago Generic Privacy Policy Generic Privacy Policylast month Generic Privacy Policy Template Generic Privacy Policy TemplatelastContinue reading “A live Website on the Internet”